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Bi Women Network Review

Women Network Review Lets You Meet the Person behind the Face of Your Date

Biwomen Network is older than a decade, making it one of the biggest pool of bisexual women that you can find online. You can sign up through the dating profiles by clicking on the Register Now button.


  1. Free to Sign Up as Standard Member
  2. Gold Memebership
    • 1 Month Membership $18.99
    • 3 Months premium package $39.96
    • 12 Months premium package $107.82

What is All About

The site is affiliated with Friends Worldwide Dating Network, making it a credible place to start your online dating experience if you are new to this. caters to only lesbian and bisexual women. The people who make this network are pretty serious, so if you are bi-curious, it serves as a great place to learn from these connections that you make through your profile and learn who you really are.

What’s in Store for Users

Whoever registers does not have to live with a partner in a different part of the world. You can actually choose an area where you want to meet bisexual, or bi-curious, like-minded women. For me, it’s really nice to find the perfect person according to my interests, someone like me who wants to make friends and date.

Unlike most other dating sites, this one has many options that make up member profiles. Not only do you upload your profile picture, you can even send a voice message if you want.

Since the site was updated recently, there is a message tab where you can directly talk to like-minded people or people you are interested in. There is a tab called Connections which can help you track people who visit your profile, which is the best part coz then you know everyone who almost checked you. If someone clicks Like on your picture, it shows up too, and there’s something like the Poke button we see a lot in Lokasi Pantai Ancol, only it fits better here with the name Wink. You winking at another user you want to know feels like an automatic ice breaker to me. No more thinking about memorable sentences or trying to make small talk awkwardly.

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Another cool thing about this site is that even though there is a huge list of subscribers, it allows you to simply search for matches among new users, or when you log in you can simply click on Who’s Online and engage with that person.

Is Your Privacy Safe on

It is, the site claims that they do not sell or rent information of their members to a third party, and since they are not in the meddling businesses, my guess is that they do not do a background check on new members either. Therefore it is important that even here, like on every social networking or dating site, you be smart about your online safety.

Editor’s Verdict

At the end my experience I found that this is rather an old school site, with many of the features stuck in the era when people only began understanding the purpose of online social networking and the benefits of online dating for communities that are smaller. The great thing about the site it that it doesn’t miss out on anything when allowing you to get to know another person, so that if you do decide to meet up in real life there are no unexpected surprises for you.

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