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How To “Pull” Women Into Liking You Like A TOTAL Pro

How To “Pull” Women Into Liking You Like A TOTAL Pro

One major questions interests a large part of the human male population – how to pull women and how to do it with style?

They say that even the sharpest minds on the planet have difficulties figuring out what ladies really want but it takes a bit of skill and charm to be successful with them.

Are you wondering how to pull women? Sit down and relax. Specific techniques have proved to be efficient. Still, understand the fact that each girl is different and highly unique. Trying to succeed using the same strategy over and over again is simply going to get you rejected.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like with any other skill, you will have to practice in order to become better at the art of approaching women in a successful way.

Many men experience failure simply because they are too shy or worried about their performance. The more you try it, the better you will become at it.

Go out for a ‘practice session.’ Talking to different girls, especially if you have no romantic interest in them will help you understand the female psychology better. Each time you do it, you will learn something new and useful.

Talking to strangers will also help you overcome the natural nervousness that most people experience when approaching somebody. There is nothing wrong with being nervous but it will minimize your chances of success tremendously. You want to stay away from the loser stereotype and to do it, you need to feel confident and you need to have a lot of fun when trying to pull a girl.

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Keep Her Interested

Getting her to pay attention to you is one thing, keeping her interested is a whole new story. In fact, you will have to work extra-hard in order to maintain her interest over the long term.

Hold your strong cards in your hands. Laying it all on the table at ones will leave you with nothing surprising. You know your strengths. Present them gradually. Tell her something interesting that will get her to respond and stop there. Continuing along the same line will soon deprive you of anything fun and exciting to say.

Teasing is very important. Maintain an aura of mystery. Most women find that sexy and they will be willing to learn more about you.

Body Language – What on Earth is It?

You have certainly heard about body language but you are probably finding it very difficult to use it in the right way. The task becomes even more challenging when you are simultaneously trying to come up with something witty to say.

Body language is an important part of learning how to pull women. Ladies are exceptionally good at reading the indirect signs. Body language will either help you establish the chemistry or it will lead you to complete fiasco.

You are interested in her. That is great! The first thing I would do if I were in your shoes is to establish eye contact. It demonstrates your intentions. Refrain from staring at her like she is from another planet. Glance in her direction every now and then. Smile. Is she smiling back? This is an invitation that you should make use of.

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The way you walk, the manner in which you talk and the way in which you use your arms during a conversation will all help her decide whether she is interested in you. Your body language has to be casual, masculine and relaxed. Signs of nervousness will turn her off, no matter how good you are at holding a conversation.

Go Easy on Compliments

Telling her that she is beautiful is ok. Believe me, women love to hear flattering things. Still, you should learn how to use compliments sparingly.

Hold a normal conversation. Tell her how witty she is after she has shared a joke. This is the best way to go. Showering her with compliments and looking at her as if she is a creature that came down from heaven will make her lose the interest really fast.

Your compliments should also be witty and relevant. A cheesy line that you have taken out of movie will simply make her laugh. Most times, the laugh will not be happening in a good way either.

Learning how to pull women is an art. It involves strategic thinking, planning and awareness. Understand your own behavior and learn from the mistakes you made in the past. Being successful with women involves a lot of personality. Learn how to have it and how to show it.

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