Why Do Women Like Bad Boys?

Why Do Women Like Bad Boys

A very valid yet strange question that comes to a mind is, “Why do women like bad boys?” We see a lot of people around us in our day to day lives. We also notice that the boys who are dubbed “bad” are more popular. They always seem to be surrounded by a lot of people. Nearly everybody wants to be their friend. And the strangest thing is that all those bad guys are more or less engaged. Now, as we grow older it is natural for us to develop an understanding so as to judge good and bad things around us. Still lots of girls, in spite of being aware of the fact that the guy they are interested in is not good, get attracted towards them. Now, let us explore why this happens:

Qualities of bad boys:

Bad boys are usually very aggressive and rebellious in nature. But this character of being defiant has a good and bad aspect. Though being rebellious is not a good thing but it is seen that people who are mutinous are also confident. They do not care about anything. They do what they feel like. They are very stubborn, too. So, if they try using their stubbornness in achieving something in life they tend to be very successful, no doubt about it. This quality of being strong headed and stubborn draws girls towards them like moths to light. That’s why they know how to attract women.

Why women like bad boys:

People who are very aggressive, stubborn and rebellious are the ones who are masculine in appearance. And it is all about physical attraction at a young age. So, it is not surprising that the girls get attracted towards such bad boys. Another characteristic of such people is that they seem mysterious and love challenges. This attitude of theirs provides a sense of security to a woman to some extent.

Such stubborn bad guys give a feeling of power to women. Also, such rebellious people definitely know how to impress a woman with their talks. Of course they are very masculine to look at; they are indifferent, confident, daring and easy going about things. Such qualities obviously attract a woman’s attention so that she wants to get to know them better.

Young girls get attracted towards bad guys:

Usually you will find teenage girls going out with bad guys. At a young age, a girl gets tempted towards bad things. Not only girls, even the guys want to try all those things that society forbids. And of course there is lot of influence of movie stars and the latest movies. Young girls are fashion conscious and are flattered when the guys are ready to spend money on them. The young boys who are affluent are usually the spoiled ones. They have money power that they love to flaunt. They own bikes and cars as well as expensive handsets and have enough money to take girl shopping and entertain her in the best nightclubs and restaurants. All this attracts the young girls towards the bad guys, not realising that they could get into trouble later.