What To Say To A Girl To Attract Her

What To Say To A Girl To Attract Her

First, it’s not just what you say to a girl, it’s how you say it. You want to say everything with confidence and meaning. You don’t want your words to sound empty. You can spit out the best game in the world at a girl, but if your words sound empty, the girl is unlikely to be interested in you.

So this Astra Daihatsu Makassar is not just about what you say. It’s about how you say it. You want to say it with pride. You want to have all the trust in the world and you don’t want to question yourself when you talk. No return tracking. No apologies. No retreat.

Think about this: when you talk a girl is not seeing your words; she is seeing you. That is why it is about how and not what. She looks at your lips and your eyes. If your eyes look nervous or unsure, she won’t believe in what you are saying. Again, you could have the best one liners or pick up lines in the world, but they will be to no avail if you don’t believe in what you’re saying.

Also, you have to be interested in the girl you are talking to. Don’t spit game to her just because there is no one else around. Trust me, there is someone else. Don’t give up. Find some girl you are honestly attracted to and can act sincere with when you converse with her. Find a girl who you can spit words to full of passion. You don’t want to spit out empty words.

The Lines

The lines are a bad idea. You don’t want to go on the internet and look up one liners. You don’t want to type into Google, “What to say to a girl to get her into bed.”

Girls like men who speak their minds. Sure, sometimes it is funny for a girl to listen to you spit common one liners, but it will not get you into the sack. It will not get you her phone number and it will not get you any favors. She will get a laugh and you will get your own empty bed to yourself. This may sound a little gay, but you want to speak from the heart when you talk to a girl. It’s true.

That is how you will get women. When you let your own original personality show itself through the words you naturally choose to say. You don’t want to sound practiced and rehearsed. You want to sound natural. Sounding natural refers to a lot of things on a subconscious level. Maybe it means you are naturally a good lay or have naturally good genes. The subconscious is a special thing.

Regardless of what your friends say, don’t let them influence you and always say to a girl what you think is right, not what your friends think is right. Usually, they are just out for themselves and want the girl for themselves. They’re going to tell you to tell a girl things that will make her not become interested in you. Don’t give into their wishes and satisfy them.

You don’t want to see the girl who you are eyeing up going home with your friend. She’s going home with you. And you better make sure this happens because if she goes home with someone else you are going to have a sick feeling in your stomach. You probably won’t sleep that night and you will just stay up into the wee hours of the morning eating pizza after pizza and getting fatter and fatter.

There are no lines that are proven to work because, again, it’s all about delivery when saying things to a girl. The best lines can sound empty if you don’t truly believe in what you are saying. Sounding rehearsed is the biggest turn off to a girl. It will make the girl look at you like a big cute joke who has to desperately try to get a girl into the sack. Girls like to relax and they like to talk to men who are relaxed, not only in their manner but within themselves. They like confidence, so spit lines you are confident in.