How To Get A Girl To Like You

How To Get A Girl To Like You

The easiest way, but not the most effective way, to get a girl to like you is to simply act your genuine self. Nothing attached. Sometimes all you need is your own original self with no forced gestures or artificial confidence.

Some men find it suitable to feign confidence to get girls, but this is not necessarily effective. If the girl you are trying to get is smart and assertive, she will be able to point out if you are naturally confident or just feigning confidence. And, trust me, if she is vocal, it will be embarrassing when she calls you out for being a fraud. You better hope she doesn’t laugh in your face.

So, to get a girl to like you, you kind of have to know who the girl is, what she likes and how she acts. If she’s an easygoing person and very relaxed and acceptable of people, you’re going to want to act your genuine self. You’re not going to want to force anything. Girls who are like this will be able to tell you are not acting yourself and it will turn them off.

These are the special girls – girls you want to start a relationship with. If you want some kind of future with the girl who you want to like you, show her the true side of yourself and don’t put on any acts. This will help you in the future because it will save you a lot of explaining. You won’t have to admit to her that you are not really that confident of yourself. Basically, you’ll have to tell her that you are not the person she initially came to like. This will disappoint her and possibly end things between the two of you.

When Do I Fake Confidence if I’m Not Confident?

You’re going to want to do this if you are dealing with a girl who is very confident of herself and if she is a girl who is very prude. Prude girls often have a shell around them and it is a shell that can only be broken with an unnatural amount of confidence. I’m not saying you necessarily have to not act yourself, but you do have to add to yourself some confidence.

Stand straighter, talk firmer and with more conviction. Do things like this. Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion and never second guess yourself. This may take some practice as a lot of people don’t naturally act this way. Its’ a good way to get women to like you and break that shell that makes them proud.

If you are looking to get a woman to like you for just one night, you definitely want to add some confidence to your original self. A lot of pretty girls go for men who are just as confident as themselves. Pretty girls are usually confident because of their looks so it will benefit you to match their level of confidence. See what I’m saying. It’s all about balancing both sides of the equation.

Only you are the one who has to conform to her level. She doesn’t have to conform to yours. She is comfortable. She has a lot of men to choose from. You, however, don’t have the swag it takes to have many women to choose from if you are reading this article and learning how you can feign confidence.

How Do I Act Confident

Like I said earlier, speak with conviction and never stutter or second guess yourself. You have to keep telling yourself that you are the shit and that you are the only guy in the room that she wants. You have to look her in the eye and always maintain eye contact.

Don’t give her too much attention though. What I mean is, don’t act desperate. Don’t make it appear like she is your only hope for a lay that night. Act like she is acting and maybe you will connect. It seems all girls are confident. It’s not that much different for us. We just have to match that level. If she starts to lose interest in you, switch things up. Do something crazy and unexpected, yet something tasteful.