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Find Out What Do Women Find Attractive?

Throughout modern society, women have been attracted to men who have money, are handsome, and have a mission. Today, though, it is enough to be confident in yourself.

Women find confidence attractive more than anything else in the world. They also find success attractive because it alludes to the fact that you are a confident person who can fend for himself. A woman finds a man who doesn’t ask for favor or hand outs attractive. Basically, you have to be your own man for a woman to find you attractive.

Women are a mysterious breed and it is pretty hard to know what they find attractive. Put yourselves in their place for a second. It seems that they really aren’t that much of a mystery because they are just human. They think like you and I. They are just women and we are men.

They find the same things attractive that we find attractive. For instance, we like girls who take care of themselves and who aren’t afraid to engage in conversation. Girls find this attractive in men, too. They want a man who keeps himself well kept and who isn’t afraid to voice his opinion.

There are a lot of things that can make you seem attractive. Finding the right cologne can make a world of difference in how a woman perceives you. Also, a wardrobe makes you either attractive or unattractive to a woman.

It’s All About You

If you want to be superiorly attractive to a woman, find out her taste in men’s clothing. Ask her what she things men look good in. Ask her how she likes their hair done. You can do this without coming off as a total bitch if you do it in the right way. Ask her cleverly what kind of hair she would rather grab onto while you go down on her. Make her laugh. Turn her on. A man that can turn a woman on is attractive.

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Let her know this isn’t your first time around the track. Don’t brag about the amount of women you have been with and how attractive they found you, but tell stories about yourself. Don’t show scars either. I don’t know where the scary story thing came from, but many women find scars unattractive. A big nasty scar will end a night right away. Don’t be confused if you never see her again after you show her a nasty ass scar that you got from a fight between you and one of your friends.

Obviously, like men, women find attractive men attractive. That is, men with good looks. Let’s face it though, not everyone is naturally handsome and well endowed. There are things you can do to yourself, though, to look the best you possibly can. Like I said earlier, invest in a good wardrobe that is modern and stylish and get an expensive haircut. Lavish a woman with gifts that will make her moan and ooh and ah. Don’t buy her affection, but show her that you want her affection.

More than anything, women find a man attractive who can perform well in the sack. Are you a little rusty? Get with some women who you don’t care much about. Yes, use them for practice. And don’t feel bad about it. Treat them well, of course, but just remember that you are conditioning for girls who are hot and for girls who you find attractive. If you aren’t good in the sack you can actually hire girls who can teach you the ways. Or you can watch some pornos and see which moves are fresh.

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Porn helps a lot of men in the sack as it shows many different sexual positions that you can use to stimulate a girl and pleasure her. Don’t be afraid to go to a triple X site and see what moves are the latest and the freshest and the sexiest. Girls will love you for this. They like to be properly handled in bed and nothing more can make them find you more attractive. How you handle them in bed is very important and can make or break the deal. Have confidence outside and inside of the bedroom and you will be on your way to finding an attractive girl who also finds you attractive.

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