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Find Bisexual Women Review

Bisexual Women Review Takes Online Dating To a Whole New Level!

As I feasted my eyes on the crisp magenta and white clad site that I just landed on, feels like a serious and vast network of people. However, I did not let that overwhelm me and headed straight for their Bisexual Experience tab expecting something more on the testimonials side, but no; this site is packed and ready for YOUR bisexual experience.


  • Free to sign up as standard member
  • Gold Memebership
  • 1 month fee $30
  • 3 months fee $60 ($20 / month)
  • 12 months fee $180 ($15 per month)
  • You can make payment with Visa card, Discover, and MasterCard.

What is All About

It urges that you fill in the details and the site will do the rest. We are talking classified personal information and only letting the people you might be interested in to see what you want them to see. Did I mention this was a free site too? That’s right it is! One of the big pluses to this is that it is not one of those nagging types that would need you to fill in a questionnaire on why you are deactivating your online dating account with them, which I thought makes for a pretty convenient platform to which I can return any time I like.

What’s in Store for You

If you are a noob in the world of online dating or have only begun dating as a bisexual, they have a gushing support page just for that. The Dating Tips section was like a wingman on my first time trying out this site. It has everything from what kind of photographs you should have and what to do to make a first date amazing. Talking of which, I only deemed this site reliable after I met my special someone.

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The truth is that nothing can make you feel at ease when you are meeting a stranger that you just click with. You are thinking about everything from is this real to omg what do I wear on our date!? I like that their matchmaking software works so well to really find people who have the same views as you. And when you know this, you can talk freely and meet some pretty amazing people here.

How To Work the Star Features

When you fill in your details like I did, you’ll find options for bi-curious men and women, bi-couples, bi-women and bi-curious men and couples as well. This site is definitely for everyone.

While there’s nothing better than getting a little drunk when you find out you’re actually bisexual, you can open up about your true feelings by meeting and connecting with other women and men you’re interested in. There is a bi-sexual counselor as well which I think is one of the most interesting features of the site. Curious couples and single people can learn a thing or two and even discuss what they’re going through here. Pasar Tomohon This is certainly not something I’ve come across on any other dating site I’ve used.

Editor’s Verdict

I must say; has no room for women whose sexuality is shrouded with misunderstandings about what they really feel. This network of people is everything you can ask for in those who share the same interests as you. Sure you can tick off that bi-curious box and find out whether it’s just a phase or that you are on a journey to accepting who you really are, but that match maker won’t fail to find just the person you need in your life right now.

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