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Tips for Attracting Women with Body Language

Tips for Attracting Women with Body Language

Attracting women with body language is a very fun thing to do. I enjoy it a lot because it possesses a power that verbal communication lacks. Body language flirt is a fun game that you can master through experience.

This form of flirt is very useful for the places where you will be incapable of talking to each other. A night club where loud music is playing happens to be the perfect example. Instead of trying to shout over the lyrics, you can make your intentions known without even opening your mouth.

Several elements play tremendous importance for successful body language usage. I believe that the eyes are capable of making an emotional statement. Looking at her and giving her a glimpse of your intentions this way is vital for success.

The Power of Eye Contact

Eye contact is a very powerful thing. You need to use it properly when attracting women with body language.

They say that the eyes are a window to the human soul and I tend to think the statement is highly accurate. Many people are capable of telling whether someone is lying to them and whether they are meeting a nice person by simply looking into their eyes.

Establishing eye contact is a delicate endeavor. Staring at her will probably creep her out. She should not be meeting your glance every time she turns around. Give her an intense look just once. Show her you find her attractive and you are interested in her.

Try to observe her reaction without obsessing about it. Talk to your friends, enjoy a drink and look in her direction once again. Ladies that have some interest in you will probably be checking you out. A friend can also be helpful when it comes to telling you whether she is looking your way.

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The smile is the second most powerful tool. An open, honest and charming smile will certainly make others smile back.

Once you have established eye contact and you have understood that she is interested, you can certainly give her a smile. Attracting women with body language should demonstrate your interest and your good intentions.

Smile only if you really mean it. Forcing yourself into it will result in something that appears grotesque rather than attractive.

How does Your Body Say ‘Confidence?’

Women are attracted to confident men, period. Doubting yourself will result in inconvincible performance and she will probably have difficulties noticing you. You have to stand out from the crowd for her to say “wow, I want to know him better.”

Body language demonstrates a lot of confidence or the lack of such.

Standing up straight is very important. Refrain from crossing your arms in front of your body. This is a defensive position that is also indicative of shyness and communication problems. Try to look relaxed and aware of just who you are and just what you are doing.


Dance, if you are in a night club. Many men are afraid of dancing because of the fear that they will look ridiculous. Being a good dancer is the best way to get noticed. Women pay attention to such things and she will certainly observe you closely once she notices you on the dance floor.

Go Easy on It

Body language usage should come naturally to you. Working on your appearance and your body position as if you are following a text book will fail producing the desired results.

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Have fun with this form of flirt. It can be very exciting precisely because it establishes a connection between two strangers who have not exchanged a single word yet. I am addicted to this kind of flirt and I think it can be much more successful than the usage of a cheesy pick up line.

Enjoy yourself. If you are going out in the company of your friends, you should pay enough attention to them rather than obsessing over the opportunity of flirting with a lady. It will happen naturally and you will know when it is right. Having to work extra-hard and forcing it means that something is really wrong.

Attracting women with body language is something that every man can achieve. In the beginning, it may feel a bit awkward and embarrassing but once you master it, you will be enjoying some great emotions.

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