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The 5 Most Amazing Yet Practical Alternative Dating Ideas

The 5 Most Amazing Yet Practical Alternative Dating Ideas

The dating game almost always go to an oft beaten path that it has become so predictable, so people are coming up with alternative dating ideas ranging from the most obscure to the most bizarre. You could probably come up with a very novel idea on how you will spend your first date only to find out that it has been done countless times before. And before you come up with your own crazy idea, you should see and consider Website following list of the 5 most amazing yet practical alternative dating ideas.

  1. The Great Outdoors

There is a world to explore out there besides the heart and mind of your potential mate. So why not venture out to the great outdoors and learn more about life and each other. Before I get mushy here, outdoor adventures like trekking, off-track biking or even mountain climbing offers a sense of freedom, exploration  and openness of mind which is a very good setting for a date – essentially a getting-to-know-each-other phase in a budding relationship. It is also an excellent means of exercise – good for the heart.

  1. Learn To Cook A Recipe Together

The old cliché “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is also very much true for a woman. So if you are both in for a gastronomic adventure and has a passion or maybe a mere interest for cooking, why not cook a new dish together and enjoy the good meal afterwards. Have a refreshing place set up for this date like on top of a tall building or on a sandy beach to let a romantic air set in. Perfect.

  1. Extreme Adventure
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If you don’t consider trekking or mountain climbing an extreme alternative dating idea, then you should try the real extreme outdoor adventure date together. As much as adrenaline rushes are common in an otherwise boring dinner dates, an extreme adventure date could offer something more. Try bungee jumping together or flying across the zip line hand in hand. And for those who want physical challenges, try rock climbing and see who finishes first.

  1. Ghost Hunting

Talking about extreme adventure, a ghost hunting date is not for the faint of hearts. I know your hearts will pound like mad, maybe for a different reason but this is I think is one ideal dating adventure you’ll surely won’t forget. Imagine just the two of you on a haunted house alone on a moonlit evening, with a candle light or two. You can just talk for hours on just about anything to while away the time possibly with some episodes of shrieks and screams and huddling in between whenever you hear an eerie sound, probably made by an alley cat.

  1. Gambling Or Arcade Dates

Gambling can be fun especially for those who are winning, but winning the heart of a woman this way is sure a gamble worth taking. Be sure not to give an impression as an inveterate gambler but a risk–taker, one who takes his chances and surely someone who knows when to quit. For the young ones, gaming arcade dates could be a hit alternative dating idea especially nowadays where a lot of women are into computer or arcade gaming.

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