Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last

Why Do Nice Guys Finish Last

It is often said that nice guys finish last. ‘nice guys’ is used to describe the men who are very friendly and put other people’s needs before theirs. They are also said to be very kind to women by giving them support emotionally as well as do them favors. However, women are often said to prefer the men who are not so nice because they appear more confident as opposed to the nice guy who might look weak. Therefore the phrase nice guys finish last is used to describe how women claim that they want nice guys but end up picking the ones who are very bad in the end.

Women say they want a nice guy but they don’t actually want one who is good because they may seem too weak, they actually want a man who can be a challenge to them by being in control. This makes the women feel more attracted to them and they feel secure. The term nice guys finish last is also used when talking about various relationships and dating scenarios. Most results show that men who are ‘nice’ tend to ‘finish last’ when it comes to getting a woman to bed or to date them because not very many women could be attracted to them. However, these nice men usually attract women who want a serious and long lasting relationship as opposed to just a sexual relationship and generally don’t know how to attract women.

Nice guys are also known to finish last when it comes to a situation that involves confronting another person. There is a very very thin line between being kind and being weak and nice guys don’t seem to realize this. They thus end up finishing last when they are not able to confront another person or fight back when it gets physical. Sometimes one should defend themselves so that they don’t look vulnerable and weak, however, there are those times when the best thing is to walk away and avoid fighting if possible. Guys are required to be nice but at the same time also courageous and defend themselves when the situation demands.

The belief that nice guys finish last started from long time ago when men were taught to always be brave and never show their emotions. They were taught that it is in a man’s nature to be aggressive and never be too soft because it would be feminine to behave like that and one would never get a good love and social life because nobody would take them seriously. This was thus passed on to many generations and that is how nice guys were perceived to always be the last to finish. Men should be nice to some extent but ensure they don’t end up being predictable and boring.

Sometimes being a nice guy can be a natural character trait in which one can’t avoid. However there is nothing wrong with it but one can be able to read about how they can improve on their skills especially when it comes to women and relationships. Nice guys are known to finish last but not every time because one should be able to work their charm even though they are nice.