How To Get Girls Like A Player

How To Get Girls Like A Player

Hmm, well what do you want to know?

I have a lot of archives of information to choose from. I think the easiest way to go about this is to break some questions down into different sections. I’ll present the most popular questions and then I will answer them to the best of my ability.

Why do you want to listen to me? Because I am a master at doing what I do – picking up girls. I hook up with a different girl every weekend. It’s not hard to do. It is an art though and the more you practice, the better you get. You just have to remember to play it cool and never get too excited. Save your excitement for the bedroom after you’re already in bed with her. Then you can let yourself hang out, literally. Listen to me and you’ll go far. Pretty soon, you won’t have to read articles like this because you’ll be a master in the art of picking up women.

What do I do if She’s With a Group of Friends?

Yes, this is a good question because the question presents a dangerous situation. It’s hard to act yourself when you are in the presence of one girl, let alone a bunch of girls I imagine. I can only imagine because I always act myself. I have game and I don’t get nervous. (You want to be like me…yes, you do). You don’t want to approach a girl when she is with a bunch of her friends.

You want to wait until she walks away from the group to go to the bathroom or get a drink or something. It goes without saying, don’t follow her into the bathroom. Try to meet up with her on the path from the bathroom to her friends when she walks out. You may feel a little creepy, but don’t. You’re just a man with a mission. Never give up. Never surrender.

She’s Just Too Hot For Me

This is when you have to act like a super version of yourself that is not really yourself at all. You’re going to have to act confident and like you are the shit even though you aren’t.

You’re probably not as bad-ass as me, but that’s okay. People like you still get laid. Just listen to me. You’re just as attractive as her. Think this and know it and live it. She just thinks she’s hot, she doesn’t know she is hot.

When you approach her, pay her attention but don’t pay her much. This is a hard art to conquer, but it is possible. It just takes practice. It’s like riding a bike. You can’t go from not riding a bike to riding a two wheeler. You have to get training wheels first. Make alcohol your training wheels.

Get a little buzzed up before you go up to her and you won’t be as nervous. You got to have motivation and confidence man. And alcohol can give you a fake supply of it. It’s fake, but it appears to be real, because, chances are, she’s equally as intoxicated as you. Girls get horny when you drink so your chances are that much the better.

How Do I Seal the Deal?

You just have to wait until the time is right. Usually the girl will say, “So do you want to go back to my house for a drink or something?” This is when you hide your excitement and nod your head and look her in the eye like you know you are going to have her that night. Just keep talking to her and acting confident and it will happen naturally.

Just quit worrying, fool. Just go with the flow. You need to be a hedonist every once in a while and just do things that make you feel good and ready and able. You need to let your manly ambitions out every once in a while and you have to let your ego loose. There is nothing wrong with this and you don’t have to feel guilty about feeling like a douche bag. Girls who like to get laid like this attitude and you will find them coming to you and begging you like they beg for me.