How To Ask A Girl Out Without Getting Rejected!

How To Ask A Girl Out Without Getting Rejected!

To ask a girl out you need to display a lot of confidence. This is half of the battle. A lot of girls are on the market nowadays and want to be asked out.

It’s not that hard to get “yes” for an answer if you have confidence in yourself and your words. You are your own worst enemy when asking a girl out. You are the only one who can mess it up.

If the girl is single and on the market, she is ripe for the taking. She wants to say yes. You just can’t give her a reason for her to say no. Think of yourself starting out on a clean slate. Whatever you say is what alters her decision, so only say good things – things she wants to hear. Give her compliments and always maintain a positive attitude.

How to Approach Her

It’s best to ask a girl out in person and when you are not with a lot of your friends. You won’t have your friends giving you shit and making gestures at you while you ask the girl out. This is a factor that can make your attempt a success or a failure.

The less people that are around the greater chance of success you have. The girl won’t feel pressured to say yes or no and you won’t feel anxious. It’s also better to establish a connection with the girl before you ask her out and this is easiest done when you are alone together.

Crowds just lead to complication. That is one thing you don’t want when you’re asking a girl out – complication. Complication is confusing and leads to convoluted replies from women that otherwise mean “no.” Don’t think that your friends will better your chances of her saying yes” because they won’t. You may feel comfortable at first because you are in the presence of people you hang out with everyday, but you will not benefit from it. Girls like to be asked in person in private. They don’t like to be asked when there is surrounding chaos. They like sincerity.

Do Not Use the Social Network or Texting

If you find yourself thinking about doing either of these, STOP. This will ruin your chances and will make you look like a fool and a coward. I won’t lie to you. I have done this before. That is why I am telling you now not to do it. Actually, the girl did say yes, but the relationship wasn’t prosperous. It was actually kind of awkward and uncomfortable. Asking in person could have made a world of difference. Our first special encounter – the asking out process – wasn’t legitimate and, in turn, the ensuing relationship wasn’t legitimate. Maybe I am taking this a bit far, but that is how it felt. What really matters, though, is that it didn’t work out.

Don’t tweet, Facebook or text a question to a girl regarding a date. It is cheap and classless. There is no hope in the social network when it comes to dating. I know this is a technologically advancing society, but some things are better left formal – things like dating and what leads up to the dating experience. Spoken words are important and I think a lot of times people forget that. You need to remember it though. If you remember it, you will benefit by hearing “yes” more often than “no.” Like I said at the beginning of this article, it all depends on you.

The girl wants to be asked out on a date. He just doesn’t want to be asked out by a total loser. Losers are men who use social networking platforms to ask women out. Don’t be a loser like I used to be. It’s not worth it. Bite the bullet and open your mouth and say the words you want to say with confidence. You will thank Web Hosting Terbaik because the girl will appreciate your sincerity and she will see that you are a guy who really wants to take her out. Lastly, do something fun. Think of something less common than dinner and a movie. If the girl is different, maybe laser tag or paintball is a good idea, or maybe a boat ride.