First Date Tips – Do’s And Don’ts

First Date Tips – Do’s And Don’ts

If you have successfully asked someone out on a date and received a “yes” then congratulations. You have done more than most people can do, but you have not yet succeeded in your goal. The first date is one of the most important aspects of a relationship. The initial meeting is important to give a first impression, but the first date will be a geyser of information to help them understand the real you. Below are a group of first date tips so that your experience can be as solid as possible. First date tips are not universal, but should be used when appropriate.

First Date Tips for Women

There are just some things that women need to take into consideration when they are on a first date. This first date tip might come across as somewhat of a shock, but let the male dictate how things go. You will already biologically want to see how well a guy can dictate his situation and impose his own desires on a relationship, but you need to be certain of this. Make sure you allow him to run the show. This will not only allow him to feel more confident (and thus show you better results), but it will also make things more relaxed and normal for the both of you.

Also, avoid desperation at all costs. Men are biologically inclined to look for shorter term relationships because they are biologically programmed to be that way. If you show that you are desperate or want a long term relationship, then you are definitely going to scare them away. Even though the first date is mostly the man’s turn to prove himself as a mate there are things that a female can do in order to screw it up as well.

First Date Tips for Men

For men there are a number of first date tips that will come in handy. First of all, make sure to pick some place that will ensure you both have a fair amount of fun, but can still interact. Even though you may like similar tastes in movies, you don’t want to spend all your time in a dark and quiet environment when you should be speaking with them and getting to know them better. Instead, try to find a venue like a park or a pool or body of water. These venues will be much more fruitful because there is always something fun to do and yet you are still talking to them on a constant basis.

That is just one of many first date tips that men need to learn. Another is to take charge of the situation. If you have already gotten her number or a date then you have shown enough initiative, but it is not enough. You need to be able to show a lot more initiative if you are going to make a good impression and get her to want more dates with you.

Physical Action First Date Tips

Physical action between two people on the first date can be a tricky situation. Although you may have been able to physically touch them and caress them when you first met, the situation and venue may have been different. A bar or club is a little more energetic and lively than a park. The venues support touching each other physically while a nice wholesome first date venue might not be great to do so.

That doesn’t mean that physical action is off limits between two people. It is a situational decision that will be revealed through mutual chemistry or not. Many people who think that they are in-tuned to another person’s thoughts might not be well calibrated on the first date. However, that doesn’t mean that it is impossible to have physical action while on the first date.

Overall, there are many reasons why first date tips are important. You want to make sure that you make a good impression on them even if you have already met before. Depending on the circumstances of your last meet, you will definitely need to play every situation by ear in order to make sure you are doing the right thing. This could be a long term relationship, but it starts with date number one.