Christian Online Dating: Safety Tips For A Successful Online Dating

Christian Online Dating: Safety Tips For A Successful Online Dating

There have been controversies surrounding Christian online dating. Many people believe that Christians ought to date the traditional way. Religion is huge taboo that certain rules and regulations must be conformed to. Thus, it has often been a huge controversy to many people if Christians should do online dating. I am actually a Christian myself and I personally think that it is okay to date online. I have tried dating online and I don’t think I am breaking any rules here. I am just on those sites to meet people and date – that’s it.

There are actually many benefits to dating online for many Christian people out there. For one, it increases your selection. And two, it can help you find the perfect partner you would like to get to know and spend the rest of your life with. But it is also common knowledge that there are many disadvantages, too, with dating online. For one, people usually input dishonest information about them in their profiles. And two, you never know if the person you are going to meet is violent or dangerous – which leads me to giving these safety tips for you, Christian online daters out there. These safety tips can help you lessen any dangers that online dating can impose and let you have an eventful and enjoyable date domino online.

Safety Tip #1: Numbers

You should never give out your numbers upon initial contact. You barely know the person and you just met online. Keep your numbers private. Exchanging numbers can be a good idea later on when you have gotten to know the person already. I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to keep your numbers private when you just met the person. You barely know the person and you just met online. Unless you already know the person, then it can be a good idea to exchange numbers to take your relationship to the next level. Use the private messaging or chat feature of the site you met to keep in contact.

Safety Tip #2: Money

There is always a threat of money scammers in the internet nowadays and you can easily find them in online dating websites. Never ever give your credit card numbers or any form of money unless you already know the person. I have encountered many of them in a few online dating websites and they will really try to get your heart and tell you how badly they need the money. If you experience such incident, don’t talk to that person ever again. Some websites will allow you to block those persons so you never get into contact with them in the future again.

Safety Tip #3: Bring Your Friend

Christian online dating After such time, you two will eventually want to meet up. On your first meeting, don’t forget to ask one of your good friends to tag along. This way, your friend can keep you safe in case the person intends to do harm to you. This will also show the other party that you are smart enough to remember to bring a friend along and that you are always cautious.

Safety Tip #4: Tell People Where You Are Going

Although I don’t highly encourage you to go on a date alone, but if you feel that you must, never forget to tell your family and friends where you are going and what time you should be home. This way they know where to find you in case you don’t return home on the time that you told them you will be home. With that said, if your date insists that you go elsewhere insist that you want to stay where you are. Also, tell him that you need to be home by a said hour because you have a curfew.

Safety Tip #5: Neutral Grounds

Never say yes when your date asks to pick you up at home or at work. As much as possible, you should meet on neutral territory where it is safer for both of you. The mall is a neutral territory where there are lots of people so you know there will be no harm done to you. Also, take your own car or ask someone close to you to pick you up after your date.

Dating online can be safe and fun if you take my safety tips seriously. Having a Christian online dating has the potential to let you meet your future partner but make sure that you take these safety tips with you whenever you meet and date online.