How to Attract a Girl – The Unknown Secrets To Get A Girl Attracted To You

How to Attract a Girl – The Unknown Secrets To Get A Girl Attracted To You

Many men are looking to learn how to attract a girl, but do not realize that all the tools are within them. Society has told people that it is not right to act upon many of the biological reactions and feelings that everyone has. The media and conservative elements like to avoid the very primal instincts that people have in favor for more “right” and traditional methods. Even people who are not religious might fall prey to the societal method of taming instincts to do certain things.

How to Attract a Girl by Taking Charge

What most men do not realize is that they are the responsible party for initiating conversation, physical contact and everything else. Very rarely does a woman ever ask or tell you to kiss her. More than likely, however, she will allow you to do so if you are able to take charge in the right kind of way. Obviously there are many caveats to this type of advice, but the point is to realize what attracts women. You will be able to learn how to attract a girl only when you can take charge and dictate the way things go between you and her.

In order to dictate things you have to be fully willing to let go of things. Unfortunately, there is a paradox among men and women. When people say that “nice guys finish last” they actually have the right understanding of things. If you speak to a woman and you stutter and stumble on things to say then you seem like a nice and cute guy. It is obvious that you like them. Whether they do it consciously or subconsciously women perceive this as weakness.

However, if you really do not care about your engagement with the woman, but instead are just primal about your actions, then you will be able to get her. Learning how to attract a girl isn’t so much about specific lines or phrases that you need to use at the right times. These are useful in certain situations to lighten the mood or change the way a conversation is going, but in most cases the only thing that matters is your instinct.

How to Attract a Girl by Not Caring

Strangely enough, if you can go out to a bar or club and just focus on having fun, you will most likely get an attractive woman as well. Learning how to attract a girl is about tapping into your primal emotions and instincts. Women want the men who are having the most fun and who are the life of the party. These are the men that can really get the most amazing girls.

As mentioned previously, stumbling when you are talking is another great way to get into trouble with a woman. If you are learning how to attract a girl then you want to elevate your own status to her level. Don’t think of yourself as less than her. You are at least her equal or better, which is why you need to be assertive and not care. Of course you have to respect her and treat her well, but in general not caring means to avoid a neediness that they can detect.

Do First and Think Later

The biggest tip to help you learn how to attract a girl is to do things first and then think about it later. If you see an attractive woman, bring out that inner instinct to just grab her and pull her close to you. In most cases she will not object if it is an obviously strong approach. A fake or unrealistic attempt will only get you into trouble in this situation.

As mentioned earlier, women like a guy who can take charge. Just go for the kiss and see what happens. In most cases thinking about doing something will make it even harder to do it. You will over think the situation and then come up with a rationalization why to not do something. Instead, you need to just do first and think about it later. Following these approaches will definitely teach you how to attract a girl. It may even help you to attract more than one.