How To Ask A Girl Out And Always Get a “Yes”

How To Ask A Girl Out And Always Get a “Yes”

For most men, the prospect of asking women out is a frightening one. Something in our DNA makes it difficult to muster the courage in the face of women. Even when men face wars, death, and some of the worst things on the planet, the proper way how to ask a girl out always eludes them. However, there are some ways that men can make sure to get a date with women, but it takes more than just reading this article. You will have to train your brain and your body to completely re-wire if you are going to have success with this method.

How to Ask a Girl Out – With Confidence

Confidence can be a very difficult beast to tame when it comes to asking women on a date. In many cases men will not have the confidence to speak with a woman without having some success speaking with women. It is a cyclical problem that many face and can’t get out of. However, there are ways that men can gain confidence in themselves so that they can ask women on a date without all the normal embarrassment.

The first aspect is to be happy and grounded in your own body. Even if you do not have confidence in your ability to pickup women to go on a date, have confidence in your own life’s achievements and goals. If you are doing really well in school and making a lot of money at work, use the confidence from those parts of your life to help you with women.

Some men may think that confidence actually isn’t that big of a role when trying to get women to go out on a date. The fact is, confidence means as much to the woman as it does to you. If you are not confident in yourself then you will most likely say something stupid or make a mistake. As much as that may show cuteness that you are attracted to them, biologically most women are turned off by that. That is not an Alpha male. If you prove to them that you are totally at ease talking with them then you are cool, calm and totally confident with yourself, which is a trait that most women are going to find attractive.

Approaching the Women

The easiest way to learn how to ask a girl out is to re-wire your brain completely. For years you have had a natural instinct to shy away from women or at the very least spend time thinking about an opening line that you can use in order to ask them on a date. You can’t do that anymore if you are going to be successful. Over thinking and waiting to speak to women will just make you look weird. Instead, you have to re-train your body to instantly talk to them without a second thought.

When you see a woman that you want to ask on a date, go immediately up there and start a conversation with confidence. There is no reason to wait around and think of something witty to say. In most circumstances it doesn’t matter what you say in the first place. All that matters is that you leave them with the sense that you are in charge and you are confident.

How to Ask a Girl Out – Don’t Care

Many people say that “nice guys finish last” and it is the truth. Not because mean guys are necessarily attractive to women at face value, but when primal instincts rear their head, the man who is take charge and Alpha male will usually be the best biological mate. This stems from centuries of human evolution where the strongest male was the one that females wanted the most.

That doesn’t mean you have to be a rude or mean person. All that it means is that you should definitely approach every woman with the happiness and self-satisfaction that if she says “no,” you will not be devastated. That is the only true way how to ask a girl out. Most of the rules and guidelines we have provided are useful because of the biological factors that govern most male and female behavior.